6 Red Flags That Signal A Fake Person

Fake people are all about creating illusions. They want to disguise their bad intentions with smiles and compliments. Here are 6 clues that a person is actually fake.

1. They talk about people behind their back

Fake people don’t usually have the courage to confront others directly. That’s why they engage in gossip and spreading rumors.

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2. They want to impress others

Because they are usually people with low self esteem, fake people will do everything in their power to impress others. For them, every achievement is not valued in itself, but according to the impact it has on others.

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3. They brag a lot

There’s an important difference between somebody who is proud of their achievements and shares them wholeheartedly with people around them and someone who cannot stop from bragging. The latter is usually a narcissist who won’t stop talking if you show them that you don’t care about them buying a third house.

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4. They love being in the spotlight

These people need to be the center of attention or they will throw a tantrum to make sure they are.

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5. They are all about words and no action

Fake people give away promises like candy. And that’s because they almost never intend to keep those promises. They are extremely irresponsible and say whatever they need to say in order to get out of a tough situation.

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6. They will abandon you in your time of need

Because their words don’t mean anything, the fact that they called you their friend won’t stop them from abandoning you in your time of need. They will be in your life as long as they can gain something from it. But at the first sign of trouble, they will disappear.

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