6 Things You Should Never Say To Someone With Anxiety

Suffering from anxiety is like having a thousand thoughts all at once and none of them helpful. So if you are next to someone having a panic attack, restrain from saying these very unhelpful things to them:

1. Get over it!

People suffering from anxiety will like nothing better than “getting over it”. But they can’t, so stop saying this to them. Hearing this does not only not help, but it actually puts even more pressure on them.

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2. It’s not real

People in the midst of a panic attack know rationally that they are not in real danger, that they are not going to die of a heart attack, but this has zero impact on their thoughts and physical reactions.

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3. You sound crazy

Kate Bennet, expert on this subject says that “Anxiety feels large, dark, and overwhelming. Even if their behaviors may be seem strange to you, it is important not to make them feel that they are weird or crazy.” That’ll only make things worse.

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4. Calm down

No one in the history of human kind has ever calmed down when hearing someone telling them to calm down. Much less a person with anxiety, who does everything in their power to breath and relax while in the midst of a panic attack.

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5. You need to be stronger

People with anxiety are strong. Because they live everyday with the kind of turmoil none of us can really imagine, not to mention live with. So don’t make them feel worse by suggesting that they are weak.

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6. Stop overthinking!

People with anxiety will love to make the overwhelming flood of thoughts and worries stop, but they can’t, since this is an essential part of their disorder. So don’t say this to them, suggesting that it’s choice that for some reason they don’t make.

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Image Credit: Porsche Brosseau/Flickr