7 Signs You Cannot Be Manipulated

Manipulators think of themselves as engineers of outcomes. In reality, they are users of people. But there are some of us who can spot a manipulator miles away. Here are 7 signs that you are not easily manipulated.

1. You are not passive

Passive people are easy to manipulate because they don’t have goals of their own and are prone to being sidetracked.

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2. You know your priorities

People who have a clear image of their priorities have control over their lives. That’s why they can’t be convinced to do things that are not beneficial to their lives.

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3. You set boundaries

A manipulator will always try to see how far they can push you. But you know when and how to set boundaries and to make others respect them.

4. You make others respect you

The problem with manipulators is that they treat others as means to their goals. But you can spot someone who is mistreating you and make them realize that they have to respect you.

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5. You express your opinions

Manipulators take advantage of people’s shyness. But you have no problem expressing your opinions and defending them. You use logic and persuasion to make your point.

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6. You don’t tolerate bullies

You are allergic to situations that are unfair and you do everything in your power to fight any injustice. That’s why manipulators try to hide their nasty deeds from you.

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7. You have no problem saying “no”

You may be generous and ready to help others, but that doesn’t mean you can’t say “no” to somebody who is trying to convince you to do something with which you are uncomfortable.

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