7 Signs You’re Going To Be Alone Forever

Nobody wants to be alone forever. But you might, if you have these traits.

1. You always have to be right

If you need everybody to agree with you, if a conversation doesn’t end until you won the argument, if you can never concede to someone else’s point of view, then you’re surely not easy to live with.

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2. Your way of doing things is the best

If you don’t consider other people as your equals, if you feel the world would crumble without your guidance and leadership, you’re probably narcissistic.  That’s why you will make sure you get your way, no matter what.

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3. You don’t like to share

From your food to your knowledge, you don’t like to share anything. Which doesn’t make you a great partner.

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4. You don’t know how to compromise

Relationships are about give and take, but you can’t do that. You’re not a team player and you lose your patience very fast.

5. You always need to be in control

You probably confuse being independent with always being in control. If you consider that giving up your Saturday night plans to go out means giving up your autonomy, then being in a relationship is not for you.

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6. You’re never happier than when you are alone

Everybody enjoys spending some time by themselves, but you seem to see the presence of others as an insult. This is not something a partner will tolerate.

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7. You can’t stand hearing somebody complain

A potential partner will eventually complain about their day or about the unfairness of life in general. If you find this annoying, couple life is not for you.

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