8 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

If you’re having doubts about your relationship and you think your girlfriend might be cheating on you, take a look at these 8 signs and find out the truth.

1. She highlights your imperfections – pointing out flaws that before were non-existent might be her way of collecting leverage to break up with you.

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2. She gives you the cold shoulder – when she’s always been there for you, warming your heart, but now she’s acting distant.

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3. You’re no longer a team – being in a committed relationship entails doing everything together as a team, working out your everyday stuff as well as matters of the soul. The moment she starts doing things on her own, it means she’s planning on leaving or replacing you.

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4. Being possessive out of the blue – checking your whereabouts more often than usual might signal cheating. That implies you always have to know where your partner is at all times.

5. She doesn’t share anymore – not opening up to you the same as she did before is a red flag of emotional cheating, something more damaging than a physical fling.

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6. Trouble in bed – it’s normal to skip sex in a long-term relationship but no longer being intimate and close before dark sets in might signal issues in the relationship and even cheating.

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7. She’s getting a makeover – all of the sudden she changes her looks despite having the same haircut and style since the two of you first got together? Oh yes, she’s probably cheating.

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