Staying Together For The Kids? The Worst Choice You Could Ever Make

Divorcing with children is a really sad thing. It’s a life-changing experience for both kids and parents but it’s not the end of the world. There are couples who struggle at first only to come to the conclusion that it was the best thing to happen to them. Or that the decision they made was, ultimately, for the best.

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Either way, a divorce is a painful thing. Couples who end their marriage wear the stigma for life… or until the next time they walk down the aisle. In our society, couples are still roughly judged for taking the decision to separate, especially if they have kids.

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Being put down by society makes parents think they will never come off as a united family, but a dysfunctional one. This is the reason why so many married couples decide to remain together.

The worst decision ever?

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Sooner than we think, the tension between both parents will break the stability and the feelings of security will fade. These are the major negative things that will happen in a marriage for de kids’ sake:

1. Children will always imitate

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Kids will absorb all the negative from your improper behavior. Maybe children are not so good at listening, but they sure are good at imitating. They will grow up thinking that this kind of bad behavior is ‘normal’.

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2. You feed them hate

A divided home is a broken home. Staying together without being connected whatsoever can have damaging effects towards the children. Children will soon blame the parents for their unhappiness or blame themselves for the parents’ misery. So all these gloomy emotions, like anger, guilt, anxiety or low self-esteem, will eventually take over the household. And kids will grow up in this awful environment.

These two reasons are enough to make parents rethink their strategy. And get that divorce after all. Because in the end, it’s better for your kids. Please share this post, some people really need to see this!