Here Are The Reasons Why People Cheat, According To Science

When somebody cheats on us, we tend to be troubled by the why of it. Now science has the answer.

Scientists conducting a study published in The Journal Of Sex Research asked 495 participants who had cheated on their partners why they did it.

57 percent said they cheated because they needed a self-esteem boost. 70 percent said that their indiscretion was the result of neglect from their current partner’s part. Other reason they give was simply wanting more diversity concerning sexual partners.

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But the most common reason people gave for cheating on their partners was the fact that they didn’t feel loved by them. These results are consistent with those of another study, conducted at University of Tennessee. This study concluded that the main reason for infidelity was that people’s need for interdependence, i.e a healthy mutual reliance on each other, was not fulfilled by their partners.

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Well, now we know why people chose to cheat on their partners. Which is an explanation, not a justification. In the end, to cheat or not to cheat is a moral question that everybody has to answer for themselves.

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