This Is The Most Common Cause Of Unhappiness In Relationships

When we enter a relationship, we do so with some expectations. We want the other person to respect us and care for us, we want them to treat us right and consider our feelings and opinions. We want them to understand us and be there for us when we need them.

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These expectations are perfectly natural. They often come in the form of desires. We often daydream about that one person who will fulfill all of our wishes. Of course, that’s pretty unrealistic.

Starting your journey with someone with you own desires in mind isn’t necessarily bad. What happens next though can determine whether the relationship is bound to fail or last.

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So what is the most common cause of unhappiness in our relationships?

It’s not that we have some expectations. But if we have to make requests to our partner regarding their treatment of us then something’s wrong with the picture.

If you have to ask your partner to treat you better, and spend more time with you or to commit more, then you shouldn’t probably be with them in the first place.

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Remember that people tend to treat us the way we treat ourselves. So always be willing to give yourself what you want from your partner.

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