How Do You Know A Gemini Loves You?

Gemini is the charmer of the zodiac. Once they have you under their spell, they will make sure you stay there. They are great at expressing affection both verbally and physically.

Here are the 4 ways they will further conquer you with their deep love:

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1. They will make you laugh

A Gemini will go out of their way to make you laugh and feel good when around them. They have no problem with coming up with good jokes that will impress you.

2. They will hang with you a lot and charm you

Seducing is their middle name. If a Gemini is interested in you, they will make sure to spend time with you and show they care any way they can.

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3. They will connect with you physically

It’s widely known that Geminis are creative in bed and that they’re always excited about trying new things. They will explore these with you and give you hugs or hold your hand as often as possible.

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4. They will engage in witty and meaningful conversations with you

Their intellect is almost unparalleled. So they will make sure to show their affection towards you with tender and clever words as well.

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