How To Deal With A Work Crush

Being attracted to someone at work is not an easy job to handle. If all you long for at work is your colleague’s attention, you may face some serious trouble. Though it may have a positive effect on your performance at work, most of the time, an office crush equals a workplace disaster.

We do spend a large amount of our time at work so you shouldn’t feel guilty if you’ve fallen for a fellow member of your team. If everything is cool at the office, you will make friends, go out for beers after work and get to know them on a personal level. So it’s totally ok to develop a crush at the office.

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We all have seen movies about great office romances, but not everybody gets that lucky. It is possible to find your soulmate at work, however, it’s mostly just a short-lived affair of smiles and giggles, fleeting feelings that may disturb your focus at work.

If you have the hots for your co-worker, here are some ways to deal with it, before you make a move.

1. Is he worth it?

It is important to clear up your feelings first because you are putting your job on the line. Is it just a physical attraction or are you experiencing something deeper than that? Try to know him better, even go out for a drink, after a few talks, you will probably know if he could be the one or not. It’s not safe to risk your career with something that won’t eventually last.

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2. The aftermath

If you start dating your colleague and you end your relationship on bad terms, things are going to get a lot gloomy at work. You do not want to see your ex every single day and on top of that, be obliged to make conversation. So it is really essential to consider the consequences, especially if you have a great job. Many people quit after an office love affair gone bad.

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3. Get over it!

One way to deal with it is to suppress those feelings of desire towards your colleague. Even if you decided not to pursue your emotions, they won’t simply disappear so it all comes to discipline and behaving in an orderly manner. Do not forget the main purpose of why you are there: you are there to do great work and advance your career.

Make sure to think twice before throwing yourself into an office romance. Share this with all your teammates!