I’m A Ginger And This Is What I Have To Put Up With

Did you ever admire that woman with flaming hair coming down the street? Did you ever laugh out loud just by watching a red haired child playing with his toys? Well, that’s wonderful, but did you ever say any of these things to them and making them feel uncomfortable?

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Red haired people have light skin, freckles and unusual things said to them. I am one of those people. And these are the kind of questions people feel the need to ask me on a regular basis.

 1. Why are you at the beach if you cover your whole body?

Because my skin is so light, it burns faster than an egg on an unattended pan. So even though I love the beach, I have to cover myself from head to toes. It’s not modesty, it’s a way to avoid looking like an overcooked lobster.

2. Where are your eyebrows?

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My hair and my eyebrows are two different colors. And the eyebrows tend to become so light, that they become invisible to the untrained eye. So no, I haven’t shaved or waxed my eyebrows. They’re here, only you have to look closer.

3. Can I play “connect the dots” on your skin?

Red hair and freckles go together like mac and cheese. Except that nobody wants to play with my cheese, but almost everybody wants to play with my freckles.

4. Do you know magic?

From Ron Weasley from Harry Potter to the popular leprechaun, red-haired characters have conquered the world. So when people see me, they expect magical things to happen. Unfortunately, the only magical skill that I have is to turn bear into belly fat.

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5. Can I touch your hair?

No, you can not. Unless you are my hairdresser, please stop trying to touch my hair.

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