People Are Baffled By These 4 Optical Illusions: What Do You See?

The human brain is quite fascinating and these interesting optical illusions help us understand how this mechanism actually works. Researchers have been long using this type of optical illusions to find out more about human cognition.

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The brain takes all sorts of mental shortcuts so that it can process information. By looking closely to these images, you’ll see what kind of tricks your brain is playing: sometimes it moves really quickly, other times it fills in gaps in understanding or tries to find a pattern that isn’t there.

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1. The brain is tricky as hell. Watch this image carefully, do you see the lines between the blocks crooked or straight? Well, they are actually straight, despite appearances.

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2. This optical illusion is one of the most popular ones. Square A and B look different but they actually have the same color. We only perceive them that way due to the contrast in the pattern.

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3. In this picture, it can be seen a vase or two faces in a profile. We have a tendency for facial recognition so we’re more likely to see the faces immediately.

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4. Staring at this picture for 30 seconds and then looking at a blank wall, you’ll see the face of Jesus Christ. This is because of delayed photochemical activity in the retina.

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