Most People Can’t Find the Circles Hiding in This Image: Can You?

Only few people can see the circles in the below image, can you? Focus on the vertical lines rather than the horizontal. Any luck? The human brain is quite fascinating and these interesting optical illusions help us understand how this mechanism actually works. Researchers have been long using this type of optical illusions to find out more about human cognition.

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The brain takes all sorts of mental shortcuts so that it can process information. By looking closely to these images, you’ll see what kind of tricks your brain is playing: sometimes it moves really quickly, other times fills in gaps in understanding or tries to find a pattern that isn’t there.

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So have a look at these 4 optical illusions:

1. You might think this image is constantly moving but in fact it is not. The illusion of movement is caused by tiny motions in your eyes as you try to focus on different areas of the picture.

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2. Staring at the center of the grid, this image seems to repair itself. That’s the result of your brain filling in the gaps of your limited peripheral vision.

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3. Optical illusions have existed for ages. This ancient Roman grid gives you the feeling that the pattern bends to the left or right, depending on your perspective.

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4. The Hermann grid makes you see dots in the intersections of white lines only to disappear when looking directly at them.

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