What Does Your Physical Appearance Say About You?

Sadly, we are designed to judge at first sight. We form opinions about people right from the start, determining how they are like based on their physical appearance. Take a look at some of the things people assume about you in an instance.

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1. If you’re attractive, people think you have other positive traits too

‘The halo effect’ is a psychological phenomenon that makes us jump to the conclusion that people who are attractive also possess other positive qualities, such as intelligence or honesty. Thanks to this cognitive bias, good-looking people earn more, according to research.

2. If you look untrustworthy, you might be seen as a criminal

Trustworthiness is a very powerful trait that divides people into two camps: the ones who seem reliable good people and the ones who seem deceitful. It’s unclear why some of us appear to be more honest than the rest.

3. A photo says a thousand words

Literally. According to research, people can determine a lot of things based only on your photograph: what kind of personality you have, what’s your religion, how’s your lifestyle or your level of self-confidence.

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4. Your facial structure signals how strong or aggressive you are

A 2015 study revealed that people assume how strong one may be based on the facial structure. People with broad faces are seen as stronger than others while people with wider faces or larger cheekbones are thought to be more aggressive.

5. Your height could disclose health issues

It seems that height can signal some health issues. Studies suggest that short people might have lower rates of cancer while tall people are subjects to a greater risk of heart disease.

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