The Secret To A Long-Lasting Relationship Is Way More Simple Than We Think

Can this actually be the secret to a long-lasting relationship? The New York Times best-selling author of “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck” and famous blogger Mark Manson claims the key to strong relationships is something so simple we can’t even wrap our heads around it.

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Mark Manson is a relationship expert that has given great advice to couples. His blog is full of articles on the topic of love. He claims that he has found the secret to sturdy relationships:

Boredom is vital to a relationship.

Mark Manson thinks that a relationship should be as boring as possible in order to last. People who have been together for 60 years are not still a couple because they did all these exciting and cool things throughout their life but because they were able to be boring together.

Spending time together, sitting around the house, talking about the same boring stuff and doing the same activities year after year, these are the things that actually make couples stronger.

People who stay together for a lifetime don’t have a history of exciting things or big dramas, nor passionate fights or thrilling experiences.

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Though it’s hard to accept, Mark Manson wants everybody to understand this important fact. Nowadays people want to lead interesting and exciting lives, not be boring. But, in many cases, this may conflict with what makes a relationship good.

What makes you an interesting and complex person can make you a really unpleasant person to date.

This love expert encourages us to take the stigma off boredom and cultivate more boredom in our lives. We all should see it as a good thing and not run around all day thinking about how can we make our relationship more interesting.

Don’t be afraid to embrace boredom! Being bored with your loved one will make your relationship last! Pass this on!