The Difference Between The Girl You Date And The One You Marry

Not all relationships should aim for a  serious commitment. Every single relationship is designed to teach us something. We learn a lot about ourselves while discovering what we really want in a partner.

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You will know right from the start if she’s the one you shall marry, but in case you’re a little confused, we studied the difference between the girl you date and the one you take down the aisle so you wouldn’t have to.

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The Girl You Date

1. She wants you all to herself
2. She’s overly worried about her look
3. She wants you to provide for her

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4. She believes she knows everything
5. She tries to change who you are
6. She’s not willing to compromise
7. She demands to be entertained

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The Girl You Marry

1.She wants to know your family and friends
2. She focuses on her internal beauty
3. She wants to build an empire with you
4. She’s open to learning something new

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5. She accepts you for who you are
6. She sees your side of things as well
7. She’s someone you can have fun with

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