The 3 Problems No Relationship Can Survive

Every single relationship has its own set of problems. There are issues and issues. Some of them can be fixed while others simply can’t. Experts have piled up the stuff no relationship out there can survive. Imagine the number of marriages that end up in divorce thanks to some obstacles they just can’t overcome.

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1. No longer a crew

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If your partnership is crumbling then the entire foundation of the relationship is tainted. When you’re the only one holding things together while your partner shows signs of disinterest and irresponsibility, an array of frustrations bottle up inside to the point your relationship is beyond repair. There’s no coming back from disconnection.

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2. Constant complaining and casting blame upon your partner

This will invariably ruin every relationship simply because fighting for every other problem or competing in the best solutions will drain your essence and eventually your relationship. You must compromise for your partner’s sake, even if you aren’t right.

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3. Narcissism

When both of them are narcissists, it’s a high-stakes competition. Each partner thinks they bear the brunt of the relationship while the other one has it easier, a recurrent thing that leaves partners misunderstood and miserable.

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Naturally, there are so many more problems threatening a relationship, but they’re mostly no-brainers like addiction, disdain, contempt, chronic infidelity, secrecy, emotional cheating or deep communication problems. If your relationship checks on of these, you two are probably on your way to decomposition.

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