Throw Your To-Do List For A While And Keep A To-Be List Instead

We are living in a society that constantly tell us to do more. What about being more? Throw your to-do list for a while and keep a to-be list instead.

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1. Be curious

Being bombed as we are with information, we might be tempted to just shut down. The best solution to this dilemma is to let your curiosity guide you. Learn what you want to learn, explore those subjects that interest you and not the ones that everyone is talking about. Information comes and go, but your curiosity stays with you forever.

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2. Be an artist

You don’t have to sell your works in a gallery in order to be an artist. You just have to be in touch with your creativity and respect it. And give it a bit of your time and effort. The rewards will be overwhelming.

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3. Be a shelter for someone

The ability to sense that someone is in trouble and the readiness to offer your help can transform you in a beacon of light for someone who’s lost. You don’t have to do much, you don’t have to always be available for others, you just need to be able to be the kind of friend you want to have.

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4. Be a joker

There’s nothing despair hates more than laughter. Laugh at the world, laugh at yourself, laugh so that others will forget their sorrow for a minute. Don’t be afraid to look silly, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and don’t be afraid to admit that you are afraid. Please, share this!