12 Subtle Things They Do When They Have A Crush On You

Every so often you find out with stupor that someone has had a crush on you, not for a couple of months but years on end. And you haven’t suspected it at all. How is that possible? Were they such delicate human beings that you simply weren’t receptive to their advances? If that’s the case, take a look at 12 subtle things they did to get your attention. With no luck, apparently. Well, at least know next time, you’ll know.

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1.  They look at you from across the room.

2. They write to you every day, asking how you are. Mostly on messenger.

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3. They follow you on every social media platform in a sneaky way, erasing all of their tracks.

4. They do all these surprising nice things for you.

5. They alter their schedule just to be in tune with you.

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6. They modify their preferences to make your life easier.

7. They notice even the smallest change to your appearance.

8. They listen to every little thing you say.

9. They pick up on the things you like and check them out in private (to like the same things as you).

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10.  They change their demeanor around you.

11. They somehow blend you in conversations with other people.

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12. They always encourage you and show support in everything you do.

Is there someone in your life who ticks all these things? Then they totally have a crush on you! Don’t keep others in the dark, share this post!