5 Signs That You Are Unbreakable

Being a mentally strong person doesn’t mean being perfect. It means always striving to become the best version of yourself you can be. Here are 5 signs you are on the right path of becoming a mentally strong person.

1. You are not afraid of breaking some rules

Not all rules are worthy of respect. You know the difference between rules that have moral meaning and the ones that are meant to keep people down. And you encounter a rule that is unfair, you have no problem breaking it.

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2. You know the importance of forgiveness

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By not holding onto resentment, by forgiving those who have wronged you, you unburden yourself from the past and become a lighter, purer person.

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3. You don’t need validation from others

The only criteria by which you judge your actions is if they let you sleep at night or not. From others, you need only advice and suggestions, not validation.

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4. You don’t let your fears dominate you

Whenever you have the opportunity, you confront your fears. You don’t allow them to make your world smaller and your life poorer.

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5. You keep a healthy distance from toxic people

You know when somebody is trying to put you down, when they are trying to lie to you or manipulate you. So you stay away from this kind of person.

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