5 Signs You’re Smarter Than Average

We measure our intelligence by testing our IQ. It seems like our ‘intelligence quotient’ is set at an early age but do not worry, studies have shown that it’s not the only factor that shapes our success path. According to new research, early life-experiences have been linked to high intelligence.

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The truth is that most of us don’t really know how smart we are, so take a look at these 5 signs to see if you can call yourself smarter than average!

1. You’re full of worries

Research has shown that anxious people are smarter than those with low levels of anxiety. Moreover, scientists have found that people with the worst anxiety symptoms had higher IQs than the rest. The ones with anxiety issues are more focused on executing tasks and more productive. So it’s not only ok to be worried, it’s actually a sign of higher intelligence.

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2. You read at a young age

Some might think that children who learned to read at an early age did so because they were smarter but research suggests that it’s the other way around. You are smart now because you were an early reader.

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3. You’re a southpaw

Several studies concluded that left-handed people are indeed smarter than average, with divergent thinking skills. The ability to find meaning in something by exploring many possible outcomes is a sign of true intelligence. Read more about why left-handed people are so special here.

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4. You took music lessons as a kid

Learning to play an instrument or any other kind of musical training was found to be more than efficient in improving verbal intelligence and the ability to focus.

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5. You’re quite funny

Having the gift to make people laugh and deliver jokes is a sign of intelligence. Being funny is linked to high scores in verbal intelligence and abstract reasoning.

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