6 Ways You Can Create Good Karma

The karma rule is really very simple. When you give out good energy, it will come back to you, sometimes amplified. Of course, the same goes for negative energy. This simple principle alone should drive us to send good vibes out there in the Universe.

But there are people who live on autopilot and are not aware of the energy they put out there. They have trouble coming to terms with the idea that our thoughts can greatly influence our reality.

To counter all the negative energy that exists right now, we need to create good karma. For ourselves and to share with the world. Here are 6 ways we can raise our vibrational energy:

1. Help people

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them. Dalai Lama

This is the number one rule of karma. Offering a helping hand to those in need is the best we can do as human beings. You never know when a kind word or simple gesture will have an everlasting impact on someone. Never minimize how much we can do for each other, especially in times of grief and sorrow. Helping people should always be part of our life’s purpose.

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2. Live with purpose

Aside from helping our loved ones and keeping them close, we must live a life of meaning. What does this mean? It can mean something different for each of us. Whatever you choose to pursue in life, do it fully and passionately. And the rest will follow. If you believe in it, those around you will too.

3. Practice compassion and kindness

We must develop our practice of kindness and implement it in our everyday interactions. We all battle our inner demons and may sometimes feel buried under the weight of our burdens. So reach out and talk kindly to someone, always show empathy and tell them your story. You never know how much good you can do just by showing them they’re not alone in what they’re going through. The practice of compassion is also about awareness and presence.

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4. Tell the truth

This is less about lying to your mom about her favorite dress and more about living authentically. Don’t deceive people, don’t build expectations if you have nothing to offer. Choose honesty in your friendships, with your children, with your partner, at work. You wouldn’t want someone to lie to you so don’t do it either.

5. Meditate

Meditation can help you tremendously to exude positive energy. And it’s scientifically proven. When everything else fails, just quiet your mind and go deep within. It is the only genuine place you will ever find peace, if you learn to declutter your head space. Connecting at an authentic and meaningful level with yourself will only keep you more connected with others.

6. Remember the big picture

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Think about this: what are you really here for? Life can sometimes seem like an endless string of random and uncontrollable events that leave you empty, confused and disoriented. But strive to look beyond the illusions and the little things that don’t really matter. Only then will you see that what is truly worth it will always find a way of coming back to your life. So stay grounded and focused!