7 Lies Every Single Person Tells Day After Day

Lying is something we often cannot refrain from. It so happens that we pour out lies each and every single day, oftentimes with no intention whatsoever. Can you imagine what are the most common lies people tell on a regular basis?

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1. I’m on my way

People are never honest about leaving when they say. They’re always still inside the house when cornered by friends.

2. I don’t judge

Every human is prone to judgement. Even if they will never admit it, people do judge, sometimes without acknowledging it.

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3. I couldn’t answer the phone right then

This is a whopper and we all know it. People choose to lie about not taking your call, but the reality is they simply didn’t feel like it.

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4. I never lie

Yeah, sure. People who make this affirmation are more likely to be liars than those who don’t feel the need to make this clear.

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5. I’m fine

Well, we all know how this one goes. You’re being torn inside but when someone asks how you are, this one sentence comes out of your mouth no matter what. They know you’re delivering a lie, just like them before you.

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6. Oh, wow! I love it

Being polite and sensitive to other people’s feelings is always good, even if you’re lying. It doesn’t matter if you like the gift or not, use it or not, you can’t say anything else but this.

7. I’m getting dressed

Not only women are at fault here. People usually lie about having already started to get ready when asked if they’ll be late. Not only women take more time to get dressed.

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