8 Funny Pics Of Cute Kids Before & After Their First Day Of School

Do you remember your first day of school? I recall that I was really excited on my first day of school, but the buzz quickly disappeared after the first day of classes. Judging by their faces, these kids had the exact same feeling. Looks like school can have this effect on you.

Take a look at these hilarious pictures with kids before and after their first day of school! They will make you laugh for sure!

1. She just found out that waking up early for school is a drag.

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2. This kid is not happy about his second day of school.


3. Before and after school, the future seems bleak.

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4. School definitely takes the smile off your face.

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5. It’s not worth the bother!

6. Two types of kids and their reaction to school, before & after.

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7. She had a hunch about school…

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8. Clearly, not what she expected.


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