What Causes Crazy Attraction Between Two People?

Attraction is not easy to define. All we know is that it’s raw, intense and pleasurable. And our bodies want more of it.

We could say it’s like an electric shock of sexuality that goes through our bodies whenever we see someone we’re attracted to. When it comes to attraction, we can be physically or aesthetically drawn to someone.

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But the most intense kind of attraction is the physical one. Not to mention it’s also incredibly addictive. The way our bodies respond to this type of attraction is enough to keep us on the edge.

Chemistry is also the instant heat we get from being pulled towards another person like a magnet. It’s seductive and sensual and most of the times we can’t even explain it.

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Why do we feel fireworks at the sight or touch of some people and feel absolutely nothing when it comes to other people? Of course it comes down to preferences and taste, but is it just that?

It’s definitely not intellectual because we can feel attracted to people we haven’t exchanged words with. It’s more instinctual because it lives in the body.

However, research does tell us that being on the same page with someone intellectually can significantly increase the chemistry.

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But when we meet a stranger, our bodies usually know we’re drawn to them before our brains do. And then we wake up fantasizing about them and don’t know what hit us.

Scientists say that attraction is very much connected to scent. Compatibility between two people also plays a big role when it comes to chemistry.

The truth is we can’t always explain it. But being more in tune with our bodies could surely help.

You may find yourself being wildly turned on by a perfect stranger – that’s because lust at first sight is oh so real.

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So next time maybe you should pay more attention to what your body is telling you! Please share this!