Do Men Really Want Beauty And Women Wealth?

The story goes like this: all men want young attractive women and all women want a man that can take care of them. It is the story with which we all have been brought up. So, we should all accept it as a given and stop messing up the mating rules. But is it really true?

We know that society has used a lot of tricks to keep women down. From bogus science to religion and plain violence. Now, that gender equality is on the rising, things are a bit confusing. For everyone involved.

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Research shows that the more a society is governed by gender equality, the less the story of the trophy wife and the bread winning husband proves to be true.

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In other words, only in traditional, conservative societies do men really care only about looks and youth and women care only about the financial potential of a man. In more progressive, gender equal societies, both genders look for other things in the ideal partner (intelligence, empathy etc).

Unfortunately, even in the most progressive societies, sexist and traditional beliefs still play an important role in the mating game.

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Man feel emasculated if their partner earns as much or more than they do. Women still downplay their achievements in order to attract a partner, fearing that their success may scar their partner’s ego.

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We don’t really know what would happen if complete gender equality is going to be achieved. Nothing in our history has prepared us for that. One thing we can be sure is that we need to invent new and better mating rules. We need to make equality sexy. Please, share this!