10 Unwritten But Common Sense Rules Everybody Should Live By

Not all rules are explicit. Some rely on our common sense. That’s why they can be easily broken. Here are 10 rules people believe everybody should respect.

1. Don’t forget to say thank you for the little things

Is somebody holding the door of the elevator for you to get in? Did somebody give you their seat because you seemed tired? Say “thank you”. It’s free and will make the other feel appreciated.

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2. Don’t park where you’re not supposed to

People who park on the sideways, on the crosswalk or too close to the next car are saying to the rest of the world that they are the only one who matters. Don’t be one of them!

3. Don’t touch a pregnant woman’s belly

She is bringing new life into this world, and this is joyous occasion, but this doesn’t mean she likes a stranger’s hand touching her. She’s not a pet after all. (Which you also shouldn’t pet if it’s not yours).

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4. Don’t cut in line

When you cut in line, what you’re saying is that your time is more important than other’s. It’s not. Wait for your turn and don’t act like a baby!

5. Don’t talk to people wearing headphones

People who wear headphones do so for a reason. They like to listen to music or they just want to be left alone. No, you are not so interesting that they will forget about their music. Respect their boundaries!

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6. Don’t show everybody endless pictures of your child

We know your child is great. But for your colleagues, one picture of him is enough. No, they don’t want to see him eating spaghetti. You’re the only one finding it funny.

7. Don’t get in before people get out of the elevator/room/building/train

You’re in a hurry, we get it. But by getting into the bus before letting others get out you only create unnecessary chaos.

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8. Don’t put people on speakerphone without telling them

The person with whom you’re talking on the phone only agreed to talk and share information with you, not everyone around you. Don’t invade their privacy like that!

9. Don’t stare at people with weird clothes or haircuts

It may look interesting or even awful to you, but this is the way they chose to dress or cut their hair. They are not animals at the zoo for you to stare at!

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10. Don’t chew with your mouth open!

Just don’t! It’s super annoying.

Respect these common sense rules and everyone will thank you for it! Please, share this!