7 Signs That Guardian Angels Are Really Protecting You

There are many people out there who believe we are surrounded by guardian angels who help us in need. Some would say they are like Santa for adults, but are they? If you’ve had moments when you felt their presence, then maybe they are very much real.

And they could be there to guide us towards our purpose or even awaken us. Whatever the reason, feeling their presence is nice and warm and makes us feel cared for.

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If you believe you’ve been visited by one, then you should check out these signs. And stay alert!

1. Feathers

Finding a feather on your path is a clear sign an angel may be near you. They are a positive reminder that you’re on the right track.

2. Clouds

Are clouds messages they are trying to send us? If so, what are they trying to tell us if we suddenly notice a heart-shaped cloud? It could have something to do with our need for love and affection.

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3. Sparkles of light

If you find yourself in a room inundated with light, know that it might be an angel’s doing. Just take a deep breath and feel grateful for this light – it shows you are on the right track on your life.

4. Scents

Guardian angels could also announce their presence with lovely smells, like those of perfume or flowers scent. What you can do is enjoy them and think of someone dear or past memories.

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5. Babies and animals

They say these two can communicate more easily with potential angels. Next time you see a kid giggling out of the blue, maybe you are just being visited by guardian angels.

6. Music

Angels could also choose to connect with us or send us a message through music. Music is really powerful so you might want to pay attention the lyrics of the next song you randomly hear on the radio.

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7. Rainbows

Rainbows are one of the most amazing wonders of nature. If you see rainbows often, maybe it means you are being protected. This could be a sign from your guardian angel telling you everything will be alright.

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