Manipulators Use These 5 Tactics Against You

People who manipulate want to gain control over others though mental distortion and emotional exploitation. Here are 5 tactics that these people use.

1. Threats

Manipulative people use threats to get what they want. They are not necessarily physical threats. On the contrary, they might even try to convince you that they will hurt themselves if you don’t comply to their demands.

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2. Showering you with compliments

In order to gain your trust, they will constantly tell you what a wonderful person you are. Until they don’t. After they’ve establish a certain degree of trust, they will poke at your weaknesses and try to dis-empower you. They will do this through critical remarks, jokes about your appearance or even spreading rumors about you.

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3. Shifting the blame

Usually people with manipulative behavior are narcissists. And in being so, they consider themselves to be perfect. So when something goes wrong, they will not accept responsibility. Instead they will blame you. And they will continue doing it, until you begin to doubt yourself.

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4. Mentioning irrelevant facts

This kind of people use intellectual bullying: trying to confuse you with facts, statistics and procedures with which you might not be familiar. And if you do not become overwhelmed fast, they will attack you by mentioning private aspects of your life.

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5. Playing dumb

They also apply the opposite tactic. They will pretend that they didn’t know a relevant aspect of the problem you have to solve together or that they don’t understand what they have to do. All this has a single purpose: to shake off responsibility.

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