What Each Zodiac Sign Really Wants


Each zodiac sign is absolutely unique. Because every one of us has their special nuances, curves, and perks, we are built to respond differently to life situations. What do the stars have to do with that? Well, a lot.

As out of tune with the universe as we may appear to be these days, we are in fact very connected to what goes on up there. This is how zodiac signs appeared and how they were interpreted by various astrologists throughout the years.

Now that we’ve established you’re slightly guided by the stars above you and that you are amazing and unique as you are, let’s see what makes each zodiac tick. If you want to know what each sign wants or what is particular to the people born under that sign, stay tuned! We now have a list with what sums up every zodiac sign.

Here’s what you need to know about all of them:


A fight. People born under this sign are usually full of energy and dynamic. As a fire sign, they constantly need speed and competition. So maybe they don’t exactly need a fight, but something to keep their energy levels up. Read more about this sign here.


A long nap. Taurus people tend to be workaholics. People under this sign usually work very hard to achieve their goals. But sometimes a long nap is all they need. Read more about this sign here.

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Lower college tuition. Gemini people are intellectuals and their quick wit is always considered one of their most attractive traits. Because they love to study, what they might need in particular is the ability to do so at lower costs. Read more about this sign here.


A hug. Cancers are generally emotional people who like to give their care and support to the people around them. They could almost always use a hug from a loved one. Read more about this sign here.


Attention. It’s no big secret that Leos crave attention more than anything else. It is in their nature to surround themselves with people who compliment them. Read more about this sign here.

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World domination. Oh yes. Virgos have been planning to take over the world with their analytical and organizing skills for a while now. Their sense of perfectionism is really hard to match. Read more about this sign here.


For baby to sleep over. Libras are warm and peaceful beings who usually can’t stand being alone. So if your lover is a Libra, you might want to spend more time with them and keep them company when they need you. Read more about this sign here.


Money. These people are intense and fierce and always know what they want. Sometimes that translates into financial prosperity. Read more about this sign here.


All of the above. Sagittarius people have a very optimistic and idealistic nature and love to travel. Sometimes they just want the whole world at their feet. Read more about this sign here.


World peace. Capricorn is considered the most serious sign of the zodiac. They are usually traditional and care a lot for family values. Read more about this sign here.

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To be challenged. There are few things that Aquarius people like more than an intellectual conversation or a challenging debate. Read more about this sign here.


A life without anxiety. Pisces are very selfless and like to put others ahead of them. Because they sometimes get too emotional, they crave for a life without anxiety. Read more about this sign here.

So there you have it! Don’t forget to watch our video below!

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