5 Times When It’s Better To Just Shut Up

Are you having a hard time keeping your mouth shut in certain situations? Are you that type of person who always has something to say or feel the need to comment on a subject? Being a talkative person may be great to some extent but sometimes it’s just so darn better to remain silent and not address all the things that come to mind.

Sadly to inform, but some of the chattiest people I know aren’t exactly the most entertaining ones.  Either they have nothing interesting to say but go on thinking people around them actually care about their gibberish or they have plenty of curious things to say but they take the entire floor, don’t let other people speak and just don’t know when to just shut up.

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Here are 5 times when it’s definitely better to keep your mouth shut:

1. When people are bored

If you see people around you looking in other directions but your eyes, they may have had enough of your speech or they can’t relate to what you’re saying. Losing eye contact with people you’re talking to is a clear sign of boring them. Cut it short and give the floor to someone else. ASAP.

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2. When nobody asked for your advice

The moment you meddle in the conversation giving advice when no one asked you to, people will be more likely to resent you rather than to take your advice. Even if you know better, don’t brag about it, nobody likes the ‘know-it-all guy’, they are perceived as cocky and egotistical. People want to be listened not to hear how someone else handled the same situation.

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3. When you’re about to correct someone

Scientists have found that people who constantly point up grammar mistakes have ‘less agreeable’ personalities. Those who let some errors slide are considered to be more empathic and open-minded. Furthermore, correcting someone on a no-brainer is quite embarrassing for them so it’s better to keep quiet and maybe discuss it in private some other time.

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4. When you have a big plan

You may think you have to talk about your ambitions and aspirations with your friends but research shows it’s better to keep your intentions secret. Especially if you have set a big goal. It will increase your chances of achieving it and you won’t look like a fool upon failure.

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5. When it’s not positive

Some things are better left unsaid. It’s a far better choice to let other people engage in gossip or critique. In most cases, abstaining yourself from saying something negative has to do with tact and good manners. Maybe you intend to make sarcastic or mean comments from time to time, but you should put yourself in people’s shoes and try to understand how would you feel if cornered like that.

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